Strategic Marketing & Communications, Inc.
Content creation and management
We create content for online marketing, specializing in SEM
and search-based advertising. We follow systematic methods to
ensure quality and consistency across all elements of your marketing efforts – including search ad copy, landing pages, imbedded media and customer communications – to achieve effective and continuously improving results.

What can we do for you?
Website navigation and information architecture
E-commerce website content
All forms of marketing communications
    Webpage business & marketing content
    Customer case studies
    Online and traditional PR
    White papers
    Corporate communications
    Video and multimedia scripts
Search engine advertising
    Google AdWords campaign management
    Content for social networks and other linked resources
Product webpage content and online help
Email content

Our approach is holistic – taking into account every aspect
of your online presence to ensure a consistent and compelling user experience. And ultimately, help you grow your business.

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