Strategic Marketing & Communications, Inc.
Proven processes deliver consistent quality and results
We follow best practices drawn from recognized world-class
leaders in innovation and technology based in Silicon Valley.
Projects are planned, scheduled, and managed according to a
step-by-step process for strategy-based marketing communications
and user experience design:

High Level Process
Our process encompasses all major components of
websites, landing pages, linked resources and customer contact mechanisms including email. We provide simple forms and
templates to make the process easy and efficient, while keeping projects on track and to deliver quality results on time.

Search-based advertising management system (AMS)
AMS is our proprietary system for creating and managing search-based advertising such as Google AdWords campaigns. Ads are
created based on business strategies and objectives, then managed with the help of methods used for bidding and performance tuning
of ad content.

Search-based advertising management system (AMS)
We analyze performance with respect to how ads are served
(AdWords selection criteria, Quality score), performance data (impressions and CTRs), and both quantitative and qualitative business metrics. Based on these factors, campaign budgets,
key words and content are systematically updated to improve performance.

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