Strategic Marketing & Communications, Inc.
High performance marketing is no accident
Strategic Marketing helps small businesses execute effective
marketing on the web. We follow recognized best practices in marketing communications, brand messaging and search-based advertising to deliver qualified leads for your products and services.

We specialize in search engine marketing, especially Google.
Using AdWords effectively is a complex challenge, partly because
of all the moving parts - the Google system, user behavior, your ads
and landing pages and the rest of the connected world - and partly because there are some aspects Google keeps under wraps.

We've developed a simple method for identifying a set of
variables based on the AdWords system and the nature of your
business. The variables we analyze include standard online
marketing metrics as well as unique elements drawn from your
strategies, values and objectives.

We focus on the entire user experience from first contact
to customer acquisition to ensure:
Faithful and consistent brand messaging
A compelling user experience on your website and linked resources
Properly targeted ad content and campaign management
Effective lead generation – for qualified customers
Metric-based processes to continuously improve results

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